ABA Baseball Timeline and Philosophy
  • March 2009 Abilene Baseball Academy opens its doors conducting private lessons.
  • July 2009 Jason Marshall who at the time was the Assistant Coach for the University of Texas at San Antonio came into town and did a summer skills camp.
    Jason is now the Head Baseball Coach at UTSA.

  • Feb. 2010 we had a former #1 draft pick in the 1982 baseball draft in Kash Beauchamp come in and do a hitting camp while the bullpen catcher/coach for the
    Baltimore Orioles in Ronnie Deck came in and did a Catchers Camp.

  • September of 2010 ABA moved from our small 3000 sq ft facility to our current location of almost 5000 sq ft and where we have a small infield. At the same time
    as this move Brad Bardin and John Thompson joined forces and became co-owners of ABA.

  • November of 2010 Matt Langwell current player for the Triple AAA Columbus Clippers of the Cleveland Indians organization began giving pitching lessons at ABA
    during the offseason. He returned for the offseason of 2011 as well and though he no longer resides in Abilene in the offseason he is still going to return for a
    couple of camps and clinics.

  • Summer of 2011 ABA formed the ABA Bombers. An 18year old Showcase team that played over the summer in several top showcase events in the Metroplex

  • November of 2011 ABA started the first Travel team. The ABA Thunder 11u with the plans of adding a new travel team each season.
  • January 2012 Added new 11u ABA thunder
  • January 2013 Added new ABA Thunder 10u
  • July 2013 Added new ABA Thunder Team
  • July 2014 Added new ABA Thunder Team

  • 2013 Ben Wadsworthand Bo Thompson join ABA and begin giving Private Lessons as well as ABA Thunder Coaches
  • February 2013 Broke Ground on ABA Field
  • June 2014 Constructed Fence for Field ABA
  • July 2014 Constructed Restrooms
  • September 2014 Broke Ground on Construction of new 4800 sq. ft. building

Some things to watch for in the coming year are:
New Indoor 4800 sq. Ft Hitting and pitching cages

    Our Philosophy and the ABA Challenge

    What type of player can benefit from ABA?
    We believe that every player who walks through our doors regardless of their current skill level can be taught the game of baseball if they possess the desire to
    learn and the will to commit the time. A basic concept we use here at ABA is that we will never lie to a parent or a player just to make a dollar. We do believe that
    we can help and assist any player but we must sometimes be critical of the mistakes that player is currently making in order to assist him. We will challenge
    each and every student to reach a level that they are currently not at. So whether you are the best player on your team or the worst player on your team ABA
    wants to challenge you to become a better player than you currently are.  

    What are ABA lessons like?
    ABA lessons involves exposing a players weakness and finding a method to communicate that weakness to the player. Once the player is able to understand
    what his weakness is then we are able to work on isolating that weakness and turning it into a strength. It is then that we concentrate on repetitions to correct
    the players. Every player has weakness in his game. ABA has a duty and responsibility to find that weakness and assist the player in correcting it. In turn that
    means that there are times a player is asked to change a style that he may feel is his strength. We have seen numerous players over the many years that we
    have been instructing come through with great athletic ability and are able to overcome their weakness because of the age level of their opponents. When
    informed that they need to change for the future because their opponents are going to become better some are very hesitant and sometimes quite reluctant to
    do so. On the other end of the spectrum we have seen players with very little athletic ability struggle early but then develop proper techniques and fundamentals
    go on to become good players. ABA lessons will go much further than a typical batting practice or bullpen session.

    While we also teach the mechanics of hitting and pitching we also strongly emphasize the mental aspect of this wonderful game. Once a player begins to
    develop the correct fundamental mechanics we are able to now begin working on his mental preparation and training. ABA will help the player to develop a plan
    of action that will give him true confidence for playing the game with aggressiveness and passion in the spirit of competition. ABA instructors do not tell players
    that they are great unless they are able to perform the mechanics and the mental training. If ABA was to just tell a player that he was a great player and saturate
    him with praise just so he could walk out the door with confidence then when he engaged in the game itself that confidence would be short lived and false. ABA
    lessons will go much further than a typical batting practice or bullpen session.We feel as though anyone can sit on a bucket and catch a bullpen or throw a
    batting practice and that is not what your money earns at ABA.

    Our instructors promise to give you our full attention for the entire duration of your paid lesson. Cell phones are used
    only in the event of an emergency by our staff.

    ABA would like to invite your player to take the ABA Challenge and start your journey to become the best player you
    can be.

    Call Us Today @ 325-455-1536