Abilene Baseball Academy was founded in 2009 with a vision to help youth baseball players of Abilene and
the Big Country learn the game at levels higher than what was previously offered.  Every day we strive to
relay to all players that are in our programs something new to help them be the best player they can be.
Since opening our doors we have grown from one coach giving private lessons to having as many as 6 travel
teams and 5 different instructors offering private lessons. We have expanded our location to offer 5 indoor
batting cages, 2 indoor pitching lanes with mounds, 3 sock nets and almost 10000 square feet of total space
dedicated to baseball training. We also have a regulation size field adjacent to our facilities. While our
facilities are not air conditioned or heated they a reflective of the attitude of the ownership and the style of
the play of baseball we teach. Hard nosed, not flashy just get the job done baseball. Old School baseball is
hard nosed and aggressive. ABA is not false cliches that are found everywhere you look today.

At ABA we teach baseball and life lessons through hard work, tough attitude and grit. We are often
misunderstood by some. We DO NOT offer false hope or promises of college scholarships or recognition and
awards. We offer knowledge and expertise in the game based on over 40 years coaching experience
combined between Brad Bardin and John Thompson. We have coached and worked with many players that
have gone on to play at collegiate or higher levels. While we may have assisted them they deserve the
credit for the hard work and dedication they put into the game. We believe in working with and helping all
players who express an interest in learning how to compete and face challenges with an intense spirit and

We seek players that other coaches may not.  Baseball is not an easy game for many youth players to just
pickup and start playing with success. In youth leagues and travel teams all around, many times only the
most athletic or skilled players get the  opportunity to play. Many players are in and out of the game
before they turn 13 years old because they made a determination they could not compete. They were never
coached and given a chance to develop. In our experience as coaches we have found many times the player
that was not a "Little League Allstar" but was given knowledge, opportunity and time to develop his skills.
By the time said player reached High School and was valued by a coach that was non biased he often
became the preferred player over the "Little League Allstar" We feel it is because he learned a work ethic
in the game while the Allstar was skating on his skill level. We root for the underdog, blue collar, hard
working player at ABA. We also root for the All Star skilled talented player but push him to not just rely
on his natural and God given skills but to learn the correct mechanics and fundamentals of the game. We
teach this player to be a blue collar, hard working player. To many players today are coddled and not
challenged to become something more than what they currently are. Many Little League Allstars never
even see a High School Field because they stayed at the same skill level while the game changed.

We are tough and challenging on players. We make every player a promise that we will never lie about our
opinion of his abilities within the game. It is our job to expose to players their weaknesses. If a player has
only strengths, then why does he need a personal coach? At ABA we love each and every player that
entrust us to teach him the game. If we feel as though a player is not progressing or has disengaged from
learning we will be very honest with the parent of the player. We will not just take a parents money unless
we feel they are getting a benefit.

ABA and our approach is a proven method, but it is not a fit for everyone. We understand that. If you are
looking for a private instructor or team that will only be positive reinforcement to what you already know
about your playing abilities, then ABA is probably not the place for you. If you want a private instructor or
team that will help you to make improvements, not just for today but for your future in the game, then
ABA wants to help you. One thing to keep in mind, many players and their families have enjoyed and
benefited from ABA, there are also some that did not find ABA a good fit for them. We would like to invite
you to find out for yourself.