ABA Affiliate Teams Program
Abilene Baseball Academy now offers a program specifically for travel / select teams in
Abilene and the Big Country area.  Our affiliate program allows a team to call ABA their
home for all their practices and events. Affiliate Teams are not associated with the ABA
Thunder program and are not controlled or operated by ABA in any way. For a low price
of $25.00 per player per month an affiliate team will have access to use the ABA field,
cages and bullpens once per week for a 2 hour practice. Additional benefits :

  • *Every player on an affiliate teams roster is an ABA member with discounts to
    all ABA camps

  • *Each player will have free daily access to use ABA facilities to train

  • *Each player will have free access to each Monthly Day Camp at ABA

  • *For an additional $10.00 per player per month teams will be allowed to access
    and use ABA 2 times per week for their practices.

The ABA affiliate program will only accept 3 teams at a time into this program so as to
allow there not be to any overcrowding issues. After 3 teams are in the program we will
place any additional teams on a waiting list and as soon as a spot becomes available we
will offer it to the next team.

For more information on this program contact John Thompson at 325-370-2159.

As of this date we have 1 spot for affiliate teams to take advantage of this offer.