ABA Private Baseball Lessons
Annual Contract  
$125.00 per month
Each member will receive a  minimum of (4)30
minute lessons per month.  In months where
there are 5 weeks the 5th lesson is free. Only
lessons cancelled within 48 hours of notice
may be rescheduled. Missed lessons in 5 week
months will not be made up. No Exceptions
Monthly Contract Members

Monthly Contracts are paid up front at the
beginning of each month for the full month at a
rate of $35 per lesson. In months where there
are 4 weeks the amount due is $140 and
months where the are 5 weeks the amount due
is $175
Drop In Lessons
$40.00 per lesson

Drop In rates may be paid each week at time of
Team Instruction

Team Instruction rates are based on of a 1 hour
lesson with one ABA instructor. These lessons
range from hitting, pitching, fielding, and the
mental aspect of the game.
Mental Game
All lessons at ABA are designed to be challenging to our students / player. Our job is to make a
student / player receive knowledge that will broaden his baseball education and skills.