ABA Testimonials
I have seen my son struggle over the last two seasons of little league. He loves the game and it was heartbreaking to see him fail. I tried
working with him to no avail. I didn't have the baseball knowledge and the compusure to get him where he needed to be without help. ABA
has been the best thing for my son. We have seen leaps and bounds with his mechanics and self confidence. Although he still has a way to
go we are 100% satisfied after our first season with the Thunder.

James Garcia
Father of Marcus Garcia
Kristi Flores-Smith reviewed Abilene Baseball Academy — 5 star
March 16 ·
My 8 year old son Mason attended the Spring Break 2016 3 Day Camp that ABA held. The Coaches did an amazing job instructing the kids. My husband and I were also very
impressed and will definitely have Mason go back to future camps! Thank you, ABA...Mason loved the camp and learned so much!
Leslee Pruitt
The fields look great! This is a great place for a boy to learn the love of baseball! Carter loves it and the coaches as well!
Sherry Barton
Our Texas Edge 10 u team played your 10 u team this weekend and I want to tell you that you have a great group of kids and coaches. It was good to see a team play straight
up baseball and not resort to tricks and bad sportsmanship in that tournament. Good job and great work ethics will take you far. #29 's grandma Thanks you for being a good
group to spend a weekend playing! Good luck and hope to see y'all again!
A great organization! My son learned so much from the coaches! ”
Amy De Los Santos  
Cotton Peterson
March 30, 2015

Thank you Bo and Abilene Baseball Academy for the patience and help. This 10 year old gets so excited when it's time for his lesson.
We checked into Abilene Baseball Academy after a recommendation from a fellow travel team teammate from Breckenridge. We had been
playing on a successful select travel team from our hometown of Breckenridge for three years. Even with the success and the ability our
son Chad had shown, we knew too give him the opportunity to play at a higher level we would need to seek more specific coaching or at
least private lessons. We decided to send Chad to tryout for the spring season not really knowing what to expect. Understand we were
perfectly happy in our current situation and our travel team was thriving. Fast forward four seasons now with ABA and we could not be
happier with what the ABA experience has brought our son. Many parents will seek teams where they think their son will be the star or
play what they think is the perfect position for them. What we love most about ABA is the philosophy about the importance of team and not
the emphasis on individuals. Anyone who has ever had success on the athletic field knows athletes who develop and thrive are a part of a
solid program. Every practice, private lesson, or game situation is treated as a complete learning experience. Our son has not only
matured as a player but also as a young man learning about self correction and change. This past season he rose to the occasion playing
up in age divisions and standing out in Little League and Travel select. All of this success can be contributed to John Thompson and his
baseball academy. Chad was pushed beyond just playing the game and one more reason we support the ABA experience. Without a doubt
I know that ABA has given our son the tools he needs to keep playing baseball and finding success. ABA is a family and we are excited to
see how our sons change and grow in the seasons ahead of us. I would recommend ABA to any parent looking for a program for their son
to rise to the challenge of becoming the very best they can be on or off the field.

    Chad & Krista Wilcox
    Breckenridge, Tx
    Son- Chad Allen Wilcox Jr. 11U
We came to ABA for a camp about 2 years ago. Our kids liked it and learned a lot so we sent them to a second camp. Our oldest son
became very passionate about baseball and wanted to learn the game and he played and practiced daily. ABA brought in a professional
pitcher named Matt Langwell and we sent our son to him for several weeks. He taught Payton how to pitch, the mental aspect, not just how
to throw, but how to be confident in your ability even when you don't get the call. He had been struggling with his attitude toward umpires
bad calls and we desperately needed to fix this. Matt really helped him. Payton became interested in playing travel ball and in the fall of
2011. He began playing for aba thunder. John made it very clear that attitude was very important. We have been with ABA Thunder for a
year now and John and the coaches at aba have been a very big part in changing Payton's attitude. He is a different player now than he
was and a different kid that plays with confidence and doesn't let bad calls affect his performance. Joining ABA was a very good decision
for us. John really cares about his players and students. He demands that they make good grades and keep a positive attitude. He has an
intense passion for the game and never stops teaching and coaching until the last out of any game.

Aaron Laughlin, parent of Paytonand Evan Laughlin
    Member of 13u Thunder Thompson

    What a great weekend of baseball to end our season! Evan's 10U Abilene Baseball-Academy Thunder played great ball all weekend.
    Thank you to John Thompson ,and his coaching staff for always giving 100% to the kids and expecting 100% from them. John is very
    passionate about and knowledgeable of the game! It's unfortunate that he is sometimes mis-understood by opposing teams and
    great comradery and friendships we What a great weekend of baseball to end our season! Evan's 10U Abilene Baseball-Academy
    Thunder played great ball all weekend. took a risk to follow his dreams of creating a place to teach baseball which has allowed my
    kids to have a place to pursue their dreams and success has been evident.
    — with Aba Thunder and 2 others.
If your child has the work ethic and desire to learn all they can about the game, ABA is the place. John and Brad's partnership provide an
amazing atmosphere for a player of any age. Most importantly, they understand that lessons that are learned between the lines can
prepare a kid for life beyond the game. Thanks to John, Brad, and the ABA staff for growing Abilene baseball and Abilene's young people.
    -Clint Culp Father of Lane Culp
Reflections of this baseball weekend: While it is no fun to lose when you know you could have won, it's important to see how far you have
come. Where we were once 11 individuals trying to find a place on our 10U team, we have become an 11U team of 11 that win and lose
together. Some days we have it and some days we don't. It has been so great to see how these boys have bonded as a team and as friends.
No one is less important than the other in their eyes. John Thompson always says developing a player is a marathon and not a sprint. I have
seen that in developing this team as well. I hope everyone that is a part of the ABA Thunder organization is aware of how fortunate they
are. It's in times when we are frustrated with results in a tournament that we need to realize what this journey is really about and why these
boys were picked to be a part of this great organization.

    Ginny Ivy Mother of Luke Ivy ABA Thunder 11U
I wanted to help my son, Jayden, improve his baseball skills and decided that try ABA in November 2010 and I’m glad we did. I want to thank
Coach John Thompson and ABA for the great job they have done with Jayden. He has been attending ABA for more a year. Within the first
few lessons I could see a change in his ability. John Thompson is great coach and is patient with Jayden and all the other kids that I have
seen come through ABA for lessons. He takes the time to explain every detail of what he is trying to teach Jayden. He breaks it down to
where he can understand and put into action of what he is being shown. I can tell that ABA is dedicated to teaching and developing young
players into the best they can be. Jayden and I love the game of baseball and we both love to be out at ABA. ABA isn’t just for players
wanting to improve their abilities, it’s for coaches and parents too. I have coached Jayden’s little league team for 2 years and I cannot tell
you how much I have learned from taking him to lessons (probably more than Jayden). I have picked up on tips from hitting to fielding to
pitching. There were things I was coaching incorrectly and things that I was doing right. Listening to Coach John with Jayden has helped
me with continuing to teach him when we are at home and just throwing the ball around. Again, I want to thank Coach John and ABA for a
great experience with baseball. If you are looking to improve your child’s ability in baseball or softball, look no further, ABA is the place. I
would and have recommended ABA to many of my friends. Great place, Great Baseball Atmosphere, Awesome Instructors = ABA. Thanks
ABA for all you do for the Game of Baseball.
-Mark Clark Father of Jayden Summerlinku88

    Update on Jayden who moved to Florida

    Just found out that Jayden Clark made is middle school's baseball team. I'm very proud of him. At a new school, new face, new
    coaches and he made the team....Thanks Abilene Baseball-Academy and John Thompson for letting Jayden be a part of your
    organization. He couldn't have done this without your help!!
    Mark Clark

    John stresses fundamentals and because of this A. C. has become a better fielder and hitter. This past year he has also started
    pitching, and Coach John has been patient and encouraging, teaching A.C. skills and fine tuning his mechanics so that he can step
    on the mound and throw with confidence. In addition to taking lessons, A.C. has attended several ABA camps. These camps are
    organized and have excellent coach to player ratios. During these camps, players get in a lot of reps and have opportunities to try
    new positions and opportunities they may not get on their Little League teams. Coach John is committed to developing good
    baseball players and respectful young men. Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated at ABA, neither is a bad attitude or laziness. A.
    C. knows that when he is at ABA he is there to focus and work hard. Coach John has been a great coach and mentor to our son. On
    the day of A.C.’s first start as a pitcher, Coach John took the time to call him and wish him luck and remind him to be strong and
    confident. That phone call meant a lot to our son and to us as well. These past three years at ABA have been great. We look forward
    to many more years at ABA and to watching our son grow and develop as a player and a person.
    -Emmett & Traci Thompson

    I have to say Abilene Baseball Academy is the number one place in our area to learn the game. We have been going to the academy
    for the last 3 years any son now is among the top hitters in his league and has the confidence that no pitcher will beat him. On top of
    hitting for average he is now hitting with tons of power when he hits the ball it is bullets coming off the bat. You can go anywhere
    and spend money to let someone throw batting practice to your child but at the academy they break down the process in a way easy
    to understand for children and they instruct the proper ways of hitting. I can't thank John Thompson enough and the academy for all
    he has done for my son.
    -Michael Cooley Parent of Cayman Friedman